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Over the time most of the CD’s and DVD’s we own either get a lot of scratches or for some reason they may become corrupt. Well, it’s a well-known fact that once a CD or a DVD is damaged, it’s very difficult to recover the data back.
Whenever my CD or a DVD doesn’t work due to corruption or scratches, I try the following 3 software. They mostly help me recover the files. They won’t work every time you want them to as the recovery chances also depend on the quality of the CD, how old is it, is it over scratched or if it’s beyond recovery! Some of them will even work for other media such as pen drives and corrupted hard disks. Try your luck!
1. Bad CD Repair Pro
Bad CD Repair Pro is a wonderful software which helps you to recover music files, documents or images from your corrupted CD or DVD easily. It allows you to backup data from your CD or DVD to your hard disk enabling you to be keep your data safe before things get worse. I have tried this software 3-4 times. Once I had to recover one of my software, Google Chrome Offline Installer from a corrupted disc. It wasn’t really necessary as I could download the setup again from the official Google website, but since I had to test this software, I decided to try recovering it. I was successful in my first attempt. Well, the disc I used had very less scratches and maybe that’s the reason it could recover the files easily & quickly.
Link: Bad CD Repair Pro
2. Bad CD/DVD Recovery
I tried this tool to recover the same software i.e. Google Chrome Setup, but unfortunately it didn’t succeed. Why? Because I used the trial version and it just supported reading of files. That means it could just tell me that a filed titled Google Chrome setup was in the disc. But to recover it, I had to pay $36. Well after checking the reviews, I thought it’s better not to buy it.
Link: Bad CD/DVD Recovery
3. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition
This tool basically allows you to recover 1GB of data for free and if you have to recover more than that, you can consider buying a pro version. It has been given a nice rating at several review sites and my friend rates this 4 of 5. I wanted to try this out myself, but I couldn’t since I had no corrupted USB drive or a hard disk! I asked my friend about this tool and he says that it works like a charm. Sometimes it slows down, but I think that’s common with several recovery software.
Link: Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition
So guys did you try any of the above data recovery software? Which one do you like the most? You can even suggest any other software ?

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