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All Android users who migrated from Symbian phones always miss their favorite Java and J2ME applications. However, there is a possibility to run the Java application, if you are using Android 1.5 to 2.3. If you want to use Java applications and enjoy Java games on your Android, you can download and install JBED Android Java Emulator. According to XDA developers, you can run any Java games or applications on Android using the JBED. You can download the application free from the given link. JBED is already tested on HTC Wildfire and it is obvious that it will work on other Android devices as well.
JBED is an .apk application that allows you to run .jar and .jad games and application on your Smartphone. You can easily download and install it on your Smartphone to run any Java applications. Andriod phones can be installed with more then 40, 000 Java games and applications using JBED. The application also comes with Android J2ME MIDP runner. In the following steps, I will tell you how to run Java and J2ME applications on your Android phone. Now, you do not have to forget or leave your Java applications that you were using from a long time.
Installation steps:
A. Download JBED for your Android Mobile running on Gingerbread from here.
B. Simply install the Jbed.apk file on your android smartphone.
C. Launch the application and click on SD card from the menu.
D. Choose the JAR file that you want to install and run.
E. Install the Java apps that you want to use.
F. Click on the Java apps that you have installed to run them.
In case the application don’t work you can try downloading JBED.Zip and flash the zip file using CWM or ClockWorkMod.
The app compiles and optimizes the Jar files and asks the user whether he wants to use it or not. It also displays the path of all the Jar files that are compiles in its database for quick access. You can install and run any Java applications following the above steps. If you see some lines or faded screen while installing the JAR files, that means your device is not fully supporting it. Restart your phone and close any other apps, and try again. If the same problem occurs again then please uninstall JBED.
As said earlier, the app enables the Android Smartphone to run many Java games and applications but you can expect some graphical and performance related issues. If the app does not work on your android smartphone you can try rooting your device and reinstalling the app.
Problems ?
If you face any issues or problems with JBED you can post your doubts or suggestions on XDA Forum.
Update : It seems that the app is not working on many android smartphones, we are trying to find an alternative way to run java apps on your android smartphone. We would post about it here as soon as possible.

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