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Smartphones and Phablets have brought with them advanced computing functionalities which is why it is now possible to store personal/confidential information on your smart devices. This is especially true for Android powered gadgets which have lately seen a surge in the sales thanks to their intuitive software and app ecosystem. However the renowned operating system faces numerous threats from hackers who, in the absence of concrete security, can access sensitive personal data This is why the best password managers for Androids today don’t just save your passwords, encrypt all your login information and personal data like your address, bank/credit card information, but also help generate unique and complicated passwords that are extremely difficult to crack.
If you are still struggling with the idea of how to secure your passwords and other sensitive information on Android devices, consider these top of the line password manager apps for your Android smartphone/tablet:
Lastpass is one of the most user friendly password manager available for Android users. Some of the features which have earned it this position are easy instant installation, built in browser, faster speed up and a simple user interface which supports encrypted attachments. The app was recently enhanced by adding  various new features such the ability to monitor credit card, attach documents, PDF files and voice recordings.
However, it only offers a 14-day trial period, after which users need to purchase the premium version of the app for $12/year. LastPass offers a multi-factor authentication system through YubiKey, which can be used as a USB thumb drive. LastPass also sends email alerts whenever a user’s credit report is being modified.
Password Genie
Password Genie goes beyond the simple task of managing password security. It serves as an information management app, especially for those who travel frequently and need to have access to their data on the go. This app is more of a mobile vault for carrying personal information around like, PINs, credit card information etc.
SplashID Safe
Another great password manager for Android is SplashID Safe and is currently being used by more than one million users. What sets SplashID Safe apart is that it is supported by virtually every mobile operating system. Splash ID Safe comes in three different editions: Personal, Teams and Enterprise. Each version will fetch you its own set of personalized services with the Enterprise edition offering the most comprehensive security solution.
Roboform is a password manager that stores information both locally and on the cloud depending on user-preference. The application makes the process of logging into applications and websites fast and efficient by automatically saving login credentials. Furthermore, Roboform stores your name, address, email, credit cards and other forms of personal information for faster, easier and secure access. The application supports all popular operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux and cellular platforms like Android, iOS and Blackberry OS.
Touted as “Best of What’s New in 2012” by Popular Science, Dashlane is undoubtedly in a league of its own as far as password managers are concerned. Using the world leading AES-256 encryption standard the creators boast that not even Dashlane employees can access the encrypted user data. The app allows the user to save everything from credit card information to receipts into a digital wallet which can be accessed easily from your Android smartphone.
Dashlane also lends its users a helping hand in online shopping. It provides users an easy to understand color-coded face to complete online transactions by clicking a few tabs. Compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android, the basic version of Dashlane offers all the features of premium, but with limited support and no mobile help.

Source :  Technology Spot
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