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There are many snakes that can kill humans with their venom, but there are not many that can kill up to 20 humans with just one bite. This snake’s venom is that deadly that it should be avoided completely and is often found in Australia, Indonesia and Papa New Guinea.

Having no natural predators and being the largest land animal in the world, the African Bush Elephant, in the wild, can be deadly. Being extremely powerful is not completely down to its size, it also has tremendous hearing and a magnificent sense of smell, reportedly being able to smell people from around a mile away.

The speed and the strength off the tremendous and much feared African lion is what makes the magnificent beast so powerful. Not only can they be deadly when by themselves, but they are known to hunt and attack in packs. The strength that can come from just one slash of their paw in unimaginable meaning that they are not only feared for their bite.

                 Cape Buffalo
The Cape buffalo is an extremely powerful animal, and is often very unpredictable. It has often been known to attack without being provoked, and is reported to kill around 200 humans each year. Their thick skin means that even when shot, they can still charge and attack.

        The Komodo Dragon
The Komodo dragon seems unlikely to be one of the most dangerous animals in the world, but it is because of its vicious attacks and the fact that it isn’t fussy as to what it will make it’s dinner. Although they do have a low human kill count, this is most likely because of the lack of contact humans have with this animal, as well as the komodo dragons need to eat, which is only around once a month.

     The Mosquito
Although the mosquito is tiny in size and easily killed, it is also the deadliest macroscopic animal known to earth. It’s not just the venom that can be deadly, that usually just itches, but the mosquito passes around diseases such as malaria, which even when treated, can still be fatal.

              The Shark
Apart from larger versions of itself, the shark has no natural predators. Any animal that doesn’t have any natural predators is obviously dangerous, and the shark is no different. Their bad eyesight is completely compensated by their great sense of smell and when people get bitten by sharks they often die, if not from the bite itself then from the shock of the attack.

The Hippo is classed as one of the most threatening animals in the world, not just because of how wide they can open their jaw, or because of how powerful they can be, but also because of how unpredictable they are. Even though they are herbivores, Hippopotamus’ have often been known to attack without being provoked.

     Sea Wasp Box Jellyfish
There are many different types of jellyfish that can be deadly to humans, but the sea wasp box jellyfish is in a completely different league. If tangled in this jellyfish’s tentacles for the right amount of time you will start to dissolve. Though it is easily seen as it has a glowing effect, even just a light sting from this sea creature will leave you in extreme pain.

                Saltwater Crocodile
The saltwater crocodile is completely relentless and is definitely one of the most dangerous animals in the world. It isn’t fussy as to what it will eat, and the way that it kills is like no other. Most animals do not have a chance against their extremely strong jaws and their ability to hold down their prey until they drown.

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