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Mansa Musa
Known today as the richest man in history, Mansa Musa’s net worth has been valued at around $400 billion. Being the richest African king ever to have lived, there is still not all that much known about Mansa Musa and he is not as well known today as many of the other richest people in history.

                                     John D. Rockefeller
Being the first man in history to ever have a net worth of $1 billion in 1916, John D. Rockefeller’s estimated worth in respect of today’s value, would have been around $340 billion. His fortune was earned through being the founder of a major oil company. He is most certainly considered one of the most, if not the most, wealthiest people in history.

An investment in the steel industry is one of the main investments that helped Andrew Carnegie to earn his tremendous wealth. However, unlike many other millionaires or billionaires, Carnegie did not like the thought of dying rich and so he used his masses of wealth in the 1880’s to help make the society a better place. 

Although he has been blamed and accused of destroying both the military and the economy of Russia during his reign from 1868-1918, this doesn’t stop Tsar Nicholas II making the list of one of the richest people ever to have lived. The peak of his wealth in reference to today’s value is an estimated $290 billion.

                                        William The Conqueror
Being the leader of the Normans, who were triumphant in the battle of Hastings in 1066, is what led to William the conqueror being crowned king of England. The value of his net worth today is estimated to be somewhere in the region of $200 billion, making him one of the richest people in history.

                                          Henry Ford
The founder of the even still famous Ford Motor Company, it comes as no surprise that Henry Ford has made the list of some of the richest people in history. The car brand of Ford today, is one of the most popular car brands ever. Today’s value of his net worth in the 1930’s would be an estimated $180 billion.

                                Cornelius Vanderbilt
During the 1870’s Cornelius Vanderbilt had an estimated net worth of around $105 million, which even today would be considered extremely wealthy. Having earned his absolutely massive fortune from is investments in the shipping and railroad industry, his net worth today would be estimated at a value of around $170 billion.

                                           Alan Rufus
Being one of the men who joined William the Conqueror in battle, Alan Rufus was an extremely wealthy man. He owned thousands of acres of land, and a castle, and his net worth value today is an estimated $145 billion, making him very comfortable on the list of the richest people in history.

                                Bill Gates
With the peak of Bill Gates’ fortune being an estimated $136 billion, the founder of Microsoft has done well to earn his place on the list of some of the richest people in history. He is now known worldwide for his involvement with charities using a lot of his own personal wealth.

                                          John Jacob Astor
Having earned a lot of his wealth in the fur trade, at its peak in the 1800’s, the value of it in relation to today would be around $120 billion. John Jacob Astor as well as having had a near monopoly in the fur trade, is also one of the wealthiest people in history.

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