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Automatically Publish posts to blog by sending Email

If you do not want to visit blogger web site while posting new post to blogger. Here is very easy solution so that you can publish new article to your blogger blog by just sending an email. Perform following easy steps and you are done with that.

  1. Go to the Settings->Email of your blog for which you want to publish posts by sending email.
  2. In Mail-to-Blogger Address mention what ever the email address which can be used by blogger to receive new articles via Email.
  3. In my case my blogger account is tejash.p.shah, so my email id will start with tejash.p.shah as shown in the following image.
  4. For my blog I have specified value of Mail-to-Blogger Address as blog1 so the email id to publish new articles at my blog Technical Details will be tejash.p.shah.blog1@gmail.com
  5. Here you can define options to or
  6. It is better to select option to prevent spam posting.
  7. And later you can go to your blog and just publish them and it is also if you want apply Label then you must need to do this from blogger only.

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