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A fun and exciting way of making money can be to collect film and music memorabilia. Props, costumes and rare records can be a great investment, with some valuable items turning up in the strangest places. Take a look at Moneymagpie’s guide and bag yourself a piece of pop culture history!

Film memorabilia

These collectibles have grown in popularity as music and films have become bigger business. Hollywood memorabilia is much more popular (and therefore valuable) than items from British cinema.
While the value of James Bond-related items has increased over the last decade or so, that’s about as good as it gets for anything from these shores.  Even props and costumes related to the biggest British stars such as John Gielgud, Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh pale in comparison to names like Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo.

Music memorabilia

When it comes to music, Beatles artefacts are the most collectible worldwide.  In November 2011 a letter written by Sir Paul McCartney in 1960 inviting a drummer to audition for the Beatles sold at Christie’s for £35,000.  Incredibly, the letter was found in a book bought at a car boot sale, so you really never know where you might find a rare treasure.
Since Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, anything related to him has surged in value.  If you do own any Jackson collectibles, now is a good time to cash them in while interest is high.  You will find even ordinary items sell way above their worth.  However, if you’re prepared to wait, it’s likely that rare items will be worth a fortune in, say, 30 years as Jackson’s legend will only grow in that time.
It is best to concentrate on a particular artist or era that interests you to build up a specific collection rather than have bits and pieces from all over.  Auction houses tend to feature these collections and serious collectors are often looking for job lots.

How much can I make?

Original copies of famous records such as the Beatles’ White Album go for £200-300 and are a good place to start.  Work your way up to rarer items and you could make thousands.
When buying, take a look at sites such as Themonstercompany, which has a wide variety of props and memorabilia from films past and present. Screenused is an American site but has seen some amazing costumes and props sold, such as Indiana Jones’s fedora and Darth Vader’s helmet.  If you can identify a recently-released film which hasn’t experienced massive popularity but you think could achieve cult status in years to come, you could get a real bargain.
Fan forums are a good place to try and sell, as is eBay of course. Auction houses such as Christie’s and Bonhams regularly hold popular culture memorabilia auctions, with items of varying value.
Top dollar: 1983 Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ jacket (£1.1 million – June 2011)
Don’t bother: 2002 Military uniform from James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’ (£60 – June 2009)

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