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Couple of days ago one of my Friend gave me his email ID and password. Cause there are 12000 email messages in his inbox! What happened actually? He used this email ID to open a Facebook account. And he didn't know how to turn off the Facebook notifications. He also gave me the FB username and password. I turned off the notifications. But what about deleting 12000 mails in the inbox? 

If you have an email ID with FB, Google+ and Twitter account activated then it will take less than 3 years to overload your inbox. So after opening any social account, your first task should be turning off the unnecessary notifications from those accounts.

You can turn off the notifications from the settings option of those sites. You can only allow  notifications which are related to the security of your account. Likes, sharing, following these types of notifications should be disabled if you wanna use your mail properly. Otherwise you will lose important mails among unnecessary mails. 
But if your mail box is already filled up by thousand of unnecessary mails then what? You have to delete these manually. Well the Gmail users shouldn't suffer!

Gmail has a nice system to select all the mails of inbox and clean them just by one click! To do this you've sign in your Gmail account as standard view. Basic HTML view doesn't have that facility. 

Some old browsers (like IE 6 or 7) may not allow you to use Standard View. In that case you've to upgrade your browser. Look at the bottom of your inbox. If you're not using Standard View then you will see a button named Standard View. Hit on that option to activate standard view. And if you doesn't see anything like that then you're already using Standard View. Let's start now: 
  1. Go to your Gmail Inbox. (Standard View)
  2. Just below the search box you will see a selection option. (See the image below)
  3. Hit on Select. Now only 50 emails will be selected from the current page. 
  4. Now you will see a message (See image) All 50 conversations on this page are selected
  5. Just after it - Select all 200 conversations in Inbox
  6. Hit on the Select all to select all mails of your inbox. 
  7. Hit on the Delete button to delete all mails. You're done :)

How to delete all mails from gmail inbox

Troubleshooting: There is a problem. Select option will select all emails. You can't deselect some of them. But if you've some necessary mails that you don't wanna delete then how you will keep them? 

Very easy. You have to move some emails in different labels by using the move to option. You know Gmail has some labels as personal, travel etc. You can also create new labels. There is an option to create new labels. Do it with the help of image below: 

Move Gmail Conversations from Inbox to Labels

Update! (For New Interface)

Some of you may be facing problem to select all mails from Gmail inbox. Even I've faced the same problem recently. Because I got the new interface two days ago. 

You may think that the all mail selection features could be disabled by Google. But feature  is still available. As the new inbox shows emails by category, so you can't select all mails if you don't choose All mail option. Look at the image below: 

Category Wise Gmail Inbox

The new interface of Gmail shows messages by category. Though it has some advantages, but I think it creates more complexities. Even there is a chance of skipping important emails sometimes. And due to this new feature you can't get all mail selection option directly. 

In order to select all mails of your inbox first, you have to select All Mail from the left pane. Follow the instruction of the image below: 

How to Select All Mails in Gmail Inbox?

Sometimes you may not see the All Mail button. In that case you will hit on the More button to view All Mail button. When you click on the All Mail button, the categories will be hidden. And then you will mark the selection button as shown in the image above. And you will get the Select All button at the right side as you did in the old interface. 
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