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Above is a picture of Apple’s “Apple-1”, which was one of the first computers made by Steve Jobs in his parent’s garage. This model featured in the photo was sold for 150,000 euros in an auction in 2010. Formed in 1976 in Jobs’s garage, there are only a few still left in the world today.

Above is the picture of the Apple-2, which Apple came out with in 1977, a year after Steve Jobs introduced the Apple-1. This was revolutionary because the introduction of the actual computer screen was formed, revolutionizing the computer even more than the Apple-1. 

Apple released this computer three years after the revolutionary Apple-2 which was Steve Jobs’s first big money-maker and gave his company world-known. This computer, released in 1980, was an updated version of the Apple-2, and sold for thousands more, which didn’t go very well for the company and it discontinued it’s production four years later.

                                128k Macintosh 
After what is considered the best commercial, ‘1984’, the 128K Macintosh revolutionized the Apple company name by selling this all new, all-in-one computer, which had record sales and gave Apple even more world knowledge, revolutionizing technology every single year!

                               Macintosh SE
In 1987, this computer came out and introduced a new technology, the ‘floppy disc’, which as you can see, was similar to CD’s to this day. Another thing that Apple was first in achieving and changing the world as we know it!

PowerBook 100
Apple’s first portable computer, the PowerBook 100, was formed after their competitors released portable laptops, but like usual, Apple does it better by making this laptop 3 pounds lighter than it’s competitors, weighing only 7 pounds.

Here is Apple’s first iMac which debuted in 1988. The great thing about this design was the introduction in USB, which is still a feature on computers around the world to this day. Another key feature stressed by Steve Jobs was the simplicity of the iMac, which was becoming a common theme in all of Apple’s products.

          iBook 3G
This colorful design of this laptop was made in 1999 which gave their computer ‘personality’, which is what Apple expressed in their selling-points for this light, colorful design. What is said to be made based for students, it was discontinued after Intel’s ‘Classmate’ laptop came out, making it not worth producing anymore!

iMac of  Today
This picture is Apple’s 2006 model of the iMac. All iMacs now resemble this model, and are one of the best selling computer monitor/processor’s of today. What will they come up with next? Hopefully another revolutionary change to the modern computer!

Featured above is Apple’s MacBook, which is it’s current model that they use in producing their laptops. The model featured above is the 2008 version of the MacBook. Other products based off this include MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and now, the MacBook Pro with Retina display, increasing display of the standard MacBook by 20%, which is truly amazing technology put in such a small computer!

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