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which is the best choice for online advertising?

Anyone with a website is having difficulty in these poor economic times. The only success stories are those websites and blogs with the marketing skills and search engine presence to stand out from the dross that is 85% of the websites on the net.
Most website developers do not have the talent, time and motivation to make their site the best it could be.
This is where the services of professional online advertising specialists are needed. All the market niche leaders use these services, but they are affordable for everyone with a website to use them. A leader in the field of online advertising is status media plc, their website is http://www.StatusMediaplc.com. The list of services offered on their website includes SEO, link-building and PPC Management.
SEO or search engine optimisation is an in-exact science but with good sound best practice techniques can provide almost 100% guaranteed results. Status Media site states they have ” Many top Google 3 positions” which is very impressive.
Link-Building is another service offered. link-building techniques used include using blog entries and reviews posted on selected targeted sites. The use of blogs is very effective and quick way to quickly grow the back-links that ensures quality traffic and brand recognition.
PPC management is the other major service offered. PPC management is using targeted niche sites to promote and advertise clients services and products. Using the time-proven Pay Per Click model allows for a “user-pays” costing model that is Price competitive for small traffic niches.
Using the latest in Web 2.0 and media products, combined with strategic outsourcing, Status Media plc has achieved greatness in only 5 years. I am positive they can assist all levels of websites to achieve greatness. Everyone from the single mini-site owner through to the large portfolio investor can benefit from the services offered.

It is a paid post for statusmediaplc.... I get about tens of such offers weekly..but only accept the offers which i feel is worth reviewing!!!
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