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NGOID News Network is an Open Content network of news submissions. As a poster you can submit your news item for posting to multiple information portal or web log sites to enable the use of Metcalf law of the network to distribute knowledge. It also allows you to integrate the submitted news items or items scanned using RSS (Rich Site Summary) to be integrated into your portal, web log or application.
The News Network is a sub-project of Next Generation Open Internet Directory (NGOID) which hopes to take the Internet back to it roots of being a network based model rather then a broadcasting or hub-spoke model. We hope to create a distributed directory and are starting with building a directory of news sites and postings.

How it works.

Gyanquest.net and i3connect.org are information portals.
Submitting your news item for submission at www.Gyanquest.Net or any other NGOID News Network site – enables your item to be used by other Information Portals, if they find the knowledge would be interesting to their readers.
Please join the NGOID News Network to help us build a giant knowledge network from the bit and pieces of Knowledge we accumulate every day.

To add news to NGOID News Network.

1. To add an item to the NGOID news network, an XML–RPC call has to be made. The NGOID news network currently supports XML–RPC interface. For more details on making an XML–RPC call to the news network, please click here. XML–RPC provides a simple and cross platform way of making remote procedure calls over the Internet. The NGOID News Network implements and supports the XML–RPC interface. XML–RPC is an example of an XML protocol. It was designed by Userland Software. The XML–RPC interface provided by NGOID news network uses PHP. The PHP versions of XML-RPC has been provided by Usefulinc. Further details on XML can be obtained at www.xmlrpc.com. In the future, NGOID news network shall support SOAP interfaces.
2. Alternatively, If your site supports RSS Format , you can add the link to your RSS file here. NGOID news network retrieves information from RSS sites and stores it in its database.
3. News can also be submitted to NGOID at the following link.
Please check our easy to use tutorial to add news.

To retrieve news from NGOID News Network.

1. There are different channels available in NGOID news network. You can retrieve information of these channels from the Channel page.
2. News at NGOID can also be viewed at this link.
Please check our easy to use tutorial to retrieve news.

Download OCS directory

Download a copy of our directory in OCS format.


1. What is the idea behind NGOID news network?
To know the idea behind NGOID news network, Click here. 2. Why should the poster want to post their news item to multiple sites?
Most posters want to share their knowledge and get credit for it in some form.This already happens. We want to expand their role from a single site to an entire network.
To take part in the open discussions of NGOID news network, visit our Discussion Forums or send a message to network@i3connect.net.
To find out the features that will be supported in future releases of the NGOID news network, please visit our Task List.
Other related projects/sites are Userland.com, xmltree.com, Headline Viewer, Meerkat and Internet Alchemy.

Source Forge

We use resources from Source Forge to run this project and would like to thank them for giving back to the community.
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