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How to change the order in which post list being displayed in Blog Archive ?

If you see blog archive at your blog, by default it displays the newer post first and than the older one. You can change this to display oldest post first and newest post at the end for the blog archive widget / gadget. You apply following simple steps to do this.

  • Login to blogger.com and you will be at Dashboard
  • Now you will need to click on Layout link for the blog of which you want to change the archiving order
  • Here click on Edit link for the Blog Archive gadget / widget. The pop up will open as shown bellow.
  • If you wish to show oldest post first then select check box fro Show Oldest Posts First
  • If you wish to show newest post first then deselect check box fro Show Oldest Posts First
  • Click on SAVE button and than click on SAVE button at Layout -> Page Elements
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