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How change the location of the uploaded Picture / Image in the blogger post?

When you upload image / picture to the blogger post the image / picture will be uploaded at the top of the post. Now you will be interested in placing the image / picture at desired location. By default blogger does not support placing the uploaded image / picture at the desired location. This task you need to do it manually as mentioned in the following steps

Method 1
  • Upload the image / picture to the blogger by clicking on "Add Image" in toolbar.
  • This image / picture is uploaded at top of the post section.
  • Now select this image by clicking the mouse button on this image.
  • Now keep mouse button pressed and drag / move the image and leave the mouse wherever you want to place the image / picture
  • Note: You can move image / picture in the visible section only to move down the image which is not visible follow Method 2
Method 2
  • After image / picture is uploaded and visible at the top, select image / picture by clickin the mouse.
  • When image / picture is selected, cut the image using CTRL+X on keyboard and now go to the part of the post, where you want to have this image/picture (i.e. move the cursor over there) and paste the image / picture over there by using CTRL+V on keyboard
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