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Fix a 'installation of packages from not authenticated sources' error in Ubuntu 11 10

The first thing i did after i bought my first laptop was changing it to dual-boot with windows 7 and Ubuntu. I installed Ubuntu 11 10. Now within hours i updated my Ubuntu with few software's likes vlc, shotwell,wine. Later on that week i found few updates for my ubuntu. It had updates for chrome, ffmeg, some updates on system utility too.

But when i try to install updates it show up message

"the action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources in ubuntu 11.10"
I searched few Ubuntu forums and blogs, and found this simple solution. Which i share with my readers below.

In Ubuntu panel, click activities > applications> update manager

2) Look for the settings in bottom of update manager, Click.
3)On the Software Sources window, click on the Ubuntu Software tab.

4)Under Downloadable from the Internet, put a check on  Source code.

5)  Close the window and the changes will be applied.

6) On Update Manager, click on Install Updates.
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