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bX-x8b8a6 - Error while importing blog posts from the xml file

I have observed problem when you try to import the posts to blogger using exported XML file. and the error could be of the following form

Aanvullende informatie
blogID: 6575707802645668884
host: www.blogger.com
uri: /import-blog.do

Or it hangs at the importing screen.
Or there my be some different error message.

In any of the above case you first go to "Edit Posts" of your blog from the Dashboard and verify that whether the post which you were trying to import are imported or not. In my case even if got the one of the above error then also the post was imported successfully.

If they are not imported successfully you need to do following work around before you try again to Import the posts

  • Clear the browser cache, cookies, temporary files ( For Firefox users go to Tools->Options->Privacy and click on button Clear Now and select all the options here then click on button "Clear all private data now") (If you are using Internet Explorer then go to Tools->Internet Options in the General tab click on Delete button and there click on Delete All button)
  • Logout of blogger.com
  • Close the browser
  • Use Firefox instead of IE it is still not working
  • Use www.blogger.com instead of blogger in draft (draft.blogger.com)
This problem appears to have started within the 3-4 days, if any one else is also facing the similar issue then please let me know following things.
  • Which error code are you seeing?
  • When did you find observe this error?
  • Are you moderating comments from email, or blogger.com ?
  • Where are you located (city and country)?
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