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Blogger Tutorial:How To Put YouTube Videos on a Blogger Blog

Give your blog readers complete information and keep them on your blog longer by providing videos inside some of your posts. YouTube makes it very simple to add videos to a blog post on Blogger.
Step by step instructions for embedding YouTube videos on a Blogger blog
1.Click on the 'Design' tab at the top of the Blogger edit tool, then click on 'Template Designer'.
2. Click on 'Layout' on the far left, then 'Adjust Width' on the inside bar (3rd option down). Note the width of the entire blog and the sidebar(s). (See Pic 1) The smallest custom player size is 200x175 px. *If you are using a 3rd party template, skip to step 3.
Note: If you aren't already, this is the perfect time to check out the new designer templates offered on Blogger. They are easy to customize and require no HTML or CSS skills. You can easily adjust column placement and the width of the entire blog.
3. Open Blogger and start a blog post that leads readers to the video.
4. Open YouTube in a new tab or window. Find the appropriate video. Look for the best video available. This video is going to take valuable blog space so make sure it has the best quality.
5. Scroll down below the video and click on 'Embed'. The screen expands to show sizes and options for video players. The four options are: show related videos, show border, show privacy enhanced mods and use iframe embed code. Choose the options you like. (See Pic 2)
6. Choose the color of the bar and border (if you opt for one above) that best suits the blog design. You can watch the colors change as you click on each.
7. Look below the options for the width of each screen size (the width is the first number ie: 480x385= 480 wide x 385 high). Choose the screen size that best fits the width of the blog. Remember the width of a blog post equals total blog width minus sidebar width.
*For 3rd party templates try different sized screens until you get the right fit by using the 'Preview' button on Blogger. Or get the blog post width from the designer.
8. Copy and paste the code that is highlighted on YouTube into the exact place in the blog post the video is to appear. Finish the blog post. Add tags, including "videos" to the tag section.
9. Preview the blog post prior to publishing to ensure the size is correct. When you are satisfied, publish the new post to your Blogger blog.
10. View the new post and make sure the video loads properly and runs without glitches.
Adding videos is a way to engage readers and shows you care enough to give them all of the information on whatever subject you are writing. Placing too many videos may result in slow page load times, so be selective when choosing which to post.
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